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Best Outdoor Photography Continuous Lighting Equipment

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It was not so very long ago that the idea of having a portable lighting kit that did not require a generator. Things have changed now and it is possible to take a lightweight and efficient kit with you when out and about. In this review, we will look at the top five pieces of equipment.

outdoor video light on cameraPixel G1s RGB Video Light
This package contains one video light, one carry-bag, one ¼ screw, one type c charging cable, and one manual. It has a nice feature built-in that produces 12 common lighting effects. It has a wide range of hue, saturation, and brightness adjustments. So you can easily take advantage of this flexibility there is a built-in LED display

· Charge using the USB charger while in use, no need to stop with low battery.

· Tough aluminum case

· Large selection of lighting effects, not just white light

· Lights do not get hot

· Above average battery capacity

· Carry bag is included

· The sheer number of options could be confusing for a beginner

· No way to replace the battery

· I really cannot find any other cons on this excellent light.

2 pack video lights
This set of two will provide enough light to illuminate our subject when shooting outdoors.

Switti LED Video Light, 2-Pack

The pack contains two LED Video lights, two adjustable stands, two power adapters, two power cables, one wireless remote control, one carry bag, two white diffusers, and two yellow diffusers. This is a twin pack that comes with wireless remote control, which is a really handy feature. You can choose the DC adaptor or the NP-F battery (which is not included)


· Extremely bright lights even when using the battery power

· Use remote control or buttons on the back of the lights

· Sturdy tripods

· High-quality product


· No bag for the tripod

· Once again, I just cannot find much to criticize with this kit.

Light stand
Don’t risk a heavy light toppling over. Make sure you have a sturdy light stand like this one.
Neewer Heavy Duty Light Stand, 3-6.5 feet

You may already have lighting and are just looking for a stand to complement your existing kit. Obviously, the key thing you will be looking for in a stand is sturdiness and stability. The stand is suitable for reflectors, lights, softboxes, and umbrellas. It has a weight capacity of 17.5 lbs. (8 kg).


· Secure twist locks for locking stand

· Good extension gets quite high

· Fast adjustment of heights

· Very affordable


· There seems to be a quality control issue. Most people are very satisfied with the stand but occasionally one comes along that is so different in quality to the others.

· The biggest criticism is that while most users will find this unit to be more than capable of doing the job, some people find the sturdiness to be an issue

ring light kit
Ring lights are great for smoothing out facial imperfections.
18 inch RGB Ring Light Kit

This dual powered ring light kit comes with: one 18-inch ring light, one 67-inch light stand, one carry bag, one remote control, one Bluetooth remote one i-pad holder, one phone holder, one camera mounting bracket, one long hot shoe adaptor, one short hot shoe adaptor, one DC adaptor, three plugs. This ring light comes with what you need to connect to a multitude of devices. There is a built-in LCD display that shows both the brightness and color temperature.


· It has a clean and soft light

· It is very easy to use

· The Bluetooth app works great, better than wifi

· It is so versatile with connectors for most options

· The color variety is way better than other ring lights tested


· Searching for something bad to say about this ring light was difficult. In this case, I have not been able to find a con.

LED Video Lighting Kit with Wireless Remote

This dual power lighting kit has a wide range of lighting settings. The kit comes with a large travel bag that stores the whole kit for security and convenience. It comes with two tripod stands, two LED light panels, two power cords, and one wireless controller. The LCD control display stores the current light settings if you switch the lights off. The lights have built-in diffusers.


· 4 Light scene modes included

· Bigger light panels

· Dual power option

· Extremely bright

· Easy and intuitive controls


· I have heard complaints about customer service not being as good as competitors

· The remote can be erratic

Times have really changed and the availability of battery-powered equipment is so wide, that there really is no excuse for having poor lighting on outdoor shoots.

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