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Best Portrait Photoshop Tutorials on YouTube

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In this article, we are going to have a look at a topic that is commonly undertaken in Photoshop. We are going to look at the editing techniques that turn a simple face shot into a stunning portrait. We will be featuring some of the best portrait photoshop tutorials on YouTube. Just a little warning, this is an advanced tutorial so do not be intimidated.

How I Edit and Retouch Fashion Portraits – Photoshop Tutorial

Our first tutorial is presented by Jessica Kobeissi, an Arab-American photographer who lives in Detroit. She has 1.72 million subscribers and 480 videos on YouTube. In this tutorial, Jessica is taking a look at how she edits and retouches portraits using photoshop. This is obviously a critical skill for any photographer or graphics geek to master. Warning: This is an advanced tutorial.

I am not going to talk you through each video word for word, that would be both unnecessary and boring for you. Instead, I intend to elaborate on the key points that each video brings up. At the end of the description, I will list keywords that apply to each video, so that you can quickly find the topics you need to look at. You will notice that she enters the photo into Photoshop in the Raw format This has a number of benefits, including getting the highest levels of quality and brightness. It also makes it easier to correct photos with incorrect exposure. To get into the Camera Raw panel simply double click on your Raw file and Photoshop will open it in this panel. Once you have done the initial adjustments (see 1-5 below) you then switch to Photoshop proper.

Keywords: 1-Raw Files, 2-Camera Raw Panel, 3-Lens Corrections, 4-HSL Adjustments, 5-Calibration, 6-Retouching Image, 7-Color Editing, 8-Using a Mask, 9-Curve Layers

How to Make Professional Portraits | Photoshop Tutorial
Our second tutorial is much shorter than the first one and is slightly less advance, It may be easier to follow but does not have the same depth of detail. The tutorial is by Pixielx who specializes in Photoshop tutorials. They have fewer videos and only 6.86 thousand subscribers. Just as in all the tutorials I have listed keywords for what is covered at the end of the section.

The tutorial is by far the most exciting presentation of all the tutorials. Unmesh shows great passion for his subject and the comparison between this and the artificial voice in the previous video is very clear.

Just like the first video he has clicked on a Raw file and so Photoshop automatically opens up in the Camera Raw Panel. He only makes some minor adjustments before switching to the main Photoshop panel. He tells us that we should always remove blemishes first before softening skin. He does this using the regular healing brush, a painstaking process but which produces excellent results. I really do not need to describe the process that Unmesh carries out as he is just such an excellent teacher that it is perfectly clear. For example, he explained the concept of frequency separation better than anyone I have ever seen.

Keywords: 1-Camera Raw, 2-Regular healing brush, 3-Frequency Separation, 4-Sking Sculpting

Adding Glamorous Hair Highlights in Photoshop
This is not actually the original choice of change hair color photoshop tutorial I had planned on Hair, but after the last tutorial by Unmesh I just had to check out his tutorial and I decided that his style and teaching abilities were so much better than the one I had planned to show you. As I said in the last video: the Channel “PIXimperfect has a substantial number of subscribers (2.32 million) and around 600 videos. So let’s go straight into the video and check it out,.

In this video Unmesh Dinda makes the process of bringing flat hair to life look so easy. His relaxed yet enthusiastic teaching style moves along at just the right speed He shows two models and very quickly made huge improvements to the photos.

Keywords: 1-Camera Raw, 2-layers, 3-Sill out Area, 4-Blending Options

My TOP 10 Photoshop Hacks for Portraits
For my final video selection, I have chosen a composite video that tackles ten different issues very quickly. These are all connected with portrait photos, and the useful hacks can make your work that much easier. This video is created by Irene Rudnyk, a photographer form Calgary in Canada. She has 674 thousand subscribers and has over 250 videos. I think Irene has a clear teaching style and found this simple selection of hacks to be very useful.

A good video tutorial for beginners. In this video, Irene takes apart a portrait edit into smaller sections and show the user hacks on how to do each task. This works very well. Irene starts with a short video (1) how to stretch backgrounds to improve the construction of a photograph. (2) Long Legs (3) Hair Liquify (4) Longneck (5) Skin Retouch using the sampling tool (6) Camera Raw on a layer mask (7) Oranges and Teals (8) The best Sharpening techniques (9) Selective Color (10) Burn the details

Keywords: (1) Width distortion, (2) Height Distortion, (3) adding volume to the hair (4) lengthen the neck (5) Skin (6) Camera raw, (7) Oranges and teals, (8) Sharpening (9) Selective color (10) Burn the details

Final Thoughts
I hope that you have found this article useful and have learned something from the tutorials featured here. Do you have any favourite Photoshop tutorials on YouTube? Let us know in the comments!

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