Best Selfie Ring Lights in 2020

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Ring lights for selfies can be true miracle-workers because getting the perfect photograph can be difficult depending on what type of smartphone you have. Fortunately, you get a lot of variety when it comes to choosing the perfect selfie light because they are now available with all sorts of options and even in different price ranges, allowing you to find a great ring light for your selfies without breaking the bank. If you want a high-quality ring light that will perform well and won’t cost much, pay attention to the following devices.

This small, inexpensive ring light attachment may look like it doesn’t do much, but it produces a lot of power to help you get perfectly flawless selfies every time. You get a soft light and no harshness so that you always look your best before you snap the picture, as well as a rechargeable battery and a scratch-resistant surface so that you can keep the ring light around for a very long time.

This is an all-in-one device that combines a stand with an attached ring light and a separate section to hold your smartphone. Perfect for selfies, videos, video chats, and live streams, it is super easy to use and costs only $19. This light ring with stand for iPhone and Android phones even has three color modes so that the tint of the light is just right for that particular circumstance.

Although a bit pricy at $130, this kit has everything you need to take the perfect selfie because it includes a ring light that gives you both cold and warm light, the ability to charge the light via a USB port on the back, the ability to immediately change the color by using the remote control, and best of all, it includes everything you need to immediately start taking the best selfies you’ve ever seen.

With three light modes and 11 brightness levels, this ring light is high in quality but reasonably priced at $25, making it affordable for everyone. Great for taking the perfect selfie as well as many other activities, this ring light and stand make it super easy to get great-looking selfies, videos, and more. You even get a color temperature that goes from 2300K to 6000K, making it easier for the selfie to come out just like you want it to look.

The best selfie ring light doesn’t have to be the one that costs the most, and this ring light proves it because it takes great selfies and costs around $14. It is rechargeable and adjustable, and it is made to be compatible with nearly all smartphones. It is also a clip-on light that attaches easily and quickly, and the scratch-resistant sponge keeps it securely fastened so you don’t have to worry about it falling off while you’re using it.

This 10” selfie ring light comes complete with 10 colors and 10 brightness levels for the perfect selfie every time. The tripod goes from 16” to 52” for the perfect angle, and you get a phone clip holder that can accommodate nearly every smartphone on the market. You can also use it on devices such as tablets, desktop computers, and notebooks, and it is perfect for both selfies and just about anything else you need to do with your smartphone.

This clip-on mini light attaches to your smartphone and even though it is small, it produces just the right amount of light you need to get a great selfie every time. It costs only $20 and comes with two adjustable brightness levels, which means you’ll get just the right amount of light regardless of where you are when you take the picture. The dimmer switch is also easy to use and guarantees the perfect amount of needed light, even when it’s dark.

The Zabolight selfie ring light is perfect for people who are new to ring lights and don’t want anything fancy. It offers the right amount of light and can be clipped onto your smartphone, tablet, or even your laptop. Best of all, it is very affordable at $10, which means you can experiment with the device without breaking the bank. It also comes with 36 LED lights and multiple brightness modes, allowing you to take perfect selfies every time.

With this ring light, you get nine lighting effects and three light modes to get the perfect lighting for your selfie. It comes with a rechargeable battery and USB cable for convenience, and it clips right onto your phone so it is easy to use. Available in pink and blue, this ring light sells for only $15, so you can get a great ring light at a fraction of the cost of many other lights. It is also convenient and portable and fits perfectly in your pocket.

Whether you’re looking for a Tik Tok ring light or one that is perfect for selfies, the Oternal ring light will accommodate you because it offers three intensity levels, attaches easily to your smartphone or other device, and has a built-in battery that will last up to seven hours. Perfect for both iPhones and Android phones, it sells for only $13, making it affordable for everyone.

This is a foldable yet sturdy ring light and stand that comes with three color options, 10 brightness levels, and USB power for convenience. The stand is 12” high and therefore perfect for a variety of uses, and it has an anti-scratch surface and the ability to rotate 360 degrees, which means you’ll always get the perfect angle regardless of what you’re trying to achieve. This is a high-quality ring light that is perfect for selfies, applying makeup, and much more.

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