gift ideas for photographers

Gift Ideas For Photographers

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Do you have a photographer (or aspiring photographer) in the family? Luckily for you, photographers are some of the easier people to shop for, as there are just so many fun photography gadgets available, and most don’t break the bank!

We’ve complied a list of gear that any photographer or videographer is sure to love having in their gear bag, and will find a use for it all year long. We will assume they already own a camera and lenses, so we won’t be recommending any expensive DSLR’s. Our goal is to give you some great gift ideas regardless of what type of camera they own. The following gift ideas will work with all cameras (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, etc.).

lens for iphone
Moment brand lenses snap right into the case so you are always lined up for the perfect shot.
Smartphone Lenses
Smartphone camera’s have come a long way, and in some cases even rival DSLR’s in terms of quality. Adding a lens will give you more options, such as shooting objects that are far away, or an extra wide angle. Moment lenses are the best quality, but there are many cheaper options that get the job done on Amazon.

Gift idea tripod
Every photographer should own a Joby GorillaPod. Click the image to check the current price.
Compact Tripod
You never know when one of these will come in handy. It can help you get cool shots in areas a full size tripod can’t be taken, can hold a light or microphone, and are great for travelling!

gift ideas mini video light
A USB charged mini light is ideal so you don’t need to worry about batteries.
Mini LED Light
A mini light has saved my photography shoots many times! Every photographer should have one of these in their gear bag, as you never know when you want that extra little punch of backlight, or need to cancel out a pesky shadow.

Rode videomic gift idea
Rode makes a variety of mic’s for camera. Click the image to see more.
On-Camera Microphone
While the photo and video quality of camera’s have significantly improved in recent years, most cameras continue to have sub-par audio recording quality. An on-camera microphone can significantly improve the quality of audio when recording video. An on-camera microphone is a great gift because, like the others mentioned so far it doesn’t take up alot of space, and it will be used every time they record video!

camera hotshoe extender
It may not be the prettiest piece of gear, but it may be the most useful!
Hotshoe Extender
Camera’s typically only have a single hotshoe, which is used to connect a flash, or microphone, or video light. What if you want to use a light AND a microphone though? This is where a hotshoe extender is needed. This is an inexpensive stocking stuffer that is sure to be used frequently!

Funny gifts for photographers
Click the mug for more fun gift ideas
Funny Gifts
These speak for themselves. Who doesn’t want to drink their morning coffee out of a lens shaped mug? 🙂

Click here for more fun gift ideas for photographers

Have a great gift idea that we have missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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